Create a connection between potential customers and your products

Having great products is a good start, but in the fast-paced and fiercely competitive online marketplace, having great products doesn’t guarantee success or even sales. In order for people “just looking” to become actual buyers, they have to feel a connection with a product. They have to imagine themselves with it – their lives made easier, more efficient, more exciting, more comfortable or more beautiful. We find the story in every product and tell it in a way that pulls readers in, helping them see not just what makes your products exceptional, but what will make their lives exceptional with your products in them.

We’re experienced in writing product descriptions for client websites as well as for major online marketplaces, including Amazon. We’ve written descriptions for products ranging from everyday necessities like furniture, tool sets, storage solutions and toys to ultra-trendy lifestyle items like sunglasses for extreme sports. Often we start with nothing but a product picture, or sparse raw material, but we unfailingly transform it into a product description that puts readers at ease and then plants a seed of excitement over the promise and possibility offered by your product. This is how a great product becomes a must-have.

Nice to meet you

Think of a product description as your product’s personality, the persuasive voice it uses to introduce itself to everyone it meets. Crafting this personality and honing this voice is no small responsibility, and our team takes it with the utmost seriousness. At WriteClick, we know that a soft sell means cash when it’s perfectly tuned to your prospective market.

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  • ממליץ בחום - צוות רציני שיודע לעבוד ולתת תמורה מקצועית במחיר הוגן

    Evi Rachmilewitz | CEO, Emyoli


  • Working with Eyal is always a pleasure. He has the amazing ability to write in different styles for different crowds which is really important for b2b2c. Once you realize the potential of content marketing you might think it enough to just know English. The reality is that using the right word in the right place is a true art, one that he masters Another big plus of working with him is that he know exactly what to ask. His unique approach has helped us to better define the concept and build a new language for each of our products. I was really surprised to see how smooth and fast the process is

    Sheli Mualem | VP & Co-Founder, GroupiGroup