You can’t lump all translation jobs in together. There are varying degrees of translation, and the lowest-level ones don’t even require a human eye. If you’re just looking for a word or a short phrase in another language, things like Google Translate are more than adequate for the task. However, as soon as it comes to anything like SEO articles or instruction manuals, translation companies have a pool of bi-lingual professionals who are more than suited to the job. But when you’re looking for high-level content like corporate websites, text for a brochure or any other marketing writing, nothing compares to bi-lingual copywriters.

Translation companies are excellent at what they do

If you need something accurately switched from one language to another without losing readability, they’re absolutely perfect. In instructional content or SEO articles, this level of precision is all that’s needed. You’ll get expertly executed, easily readable content of native-level quality. The only limitation of this approach is that it doesn’t work so well with higher-level and particularly marketing-oriented content.

A translator will take the content, substitute the languages and make changes so the grammar still works in the output language. The companies employ people for their bi-lingual skill, and crucially, marketing knowledge is unlikely to be a priority for them. If you have a marketing message that you want to increase your profits, when it’s chopped and changed to work in another language key elements can be lost if the translator doesn’t have the required skills. Those skills are the ones marketing copywriters rely on.

Bi-lingual copywriters have the skills of translators – with some significant extras

On top of the basic task of changing the language, copywriters are able to capture the essence of the marketing message and present it in a compelling form. You can rest assured that your target market will still be targeted, because that’s all part of a copywriter’s job. You get the marketing knowledge and writing experience you need to maximize your sales. Think about it this way: when faced with two potential translations for a word or phrase, who do you want to make the choice  – a technically-skilled translator with no experience in sales, or the marketing professional who understands the message and the languages?